Brendon urie audrey kitching dating

he knows the beginnning line to Welcome to the black parade and is very randomly funny.

he actually has the cutest most satisfying smile in the history of lead singers and he looks cooler and hotter with black hair but sweeter and more handsome with brown hair , especially when it's a bit overgrown ;) His middle name is Boyd and he was born in summerlin, Nevada, las Vegas.

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But There Has Been Rumours That He Is Going Out With Paramores Drummer's Ex Girlfriend.

A versatile personality in the world of glamour, Audrey Kitching is not just famed for her role as an American fashion designer but is as well a successful fashion blogger & model.

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he likes red bull , bananas and crisps, as you can tell from various youtube videos.

he went to Palo Verde high school WHICH YOU CAN ACTUALLY FIND ON GOOGLE EARTH!

appppparently his area code was 760 or something, i can't remember.

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e the hottest people to ever walk the face of the earth.

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