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Throughout the summer, as she dives head first into forbidden romance, Charlotte constantly struggles to get away from the condemning, over-bearing eye of a mother whose dishonest affection has always eluded her.In "Pilot", Charlotte began her summer with Daniel's arrival.

Charlotte unwittingly gives Emily photo evidence of the man responsible for her father's murder - as well as the realisation that there is another journal.Emily wishes to protect Charlotte and be there for her, without revealing her true identity and her revenge scheme.Charlotte has a hard time dealing with all the lies and betrayal in her family and begins drinking as well as stealing anti-depressants.In order to conceal her true identity, Emily says Amanda told her that story when she came over one time.They end their conversation with Emily holding Charlotte on the swing their father built (Scandal). When she goes to Charlotte's room, Charlotte has many magazines, newspapers, pictures, and records of David Clarke (including Mason Treadwell's book) spread out on her bed.

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