German dating classifieds

But if you're looking for a drive that is different, try the road to Berlin -- on the Helmstedt approach, of course.

Rheaume's Kennel is a family owned business dating back three generations.

The Soviet soldier leads you for 100 yards, then you drive about, another half mile where there is an East German policeman.

You hand the pass to him, but do not show him any other documents. You go through the same process in reverse at Bravo Checkpoint in Berlin.

Even if you don't break down you can be harassed by East German police.They may stop you to ask for your papers, to claim you were speeding, to hitch a ride or to ask for a visa or an autobahn road tax. There are three turnoffs to West Berlin and if you turn wrong you may end up in East Germany.You should not engage in any conversation with them, except to ask for a Soviet officer who in turn must contact American officials. You are briefed on these turnoffs before you leave the Allied checkpoint, and you are given a map with you which you must return at the end of the trip.I would recommend Rheaumes Kennel to anyone and everyone, and I have!We have been very happy with the French Brittany we obtained from Rheaume's Kennel.

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