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This site also rates gossip rumors on a scale of 0-10, and it draws 1 million distinctive visitors per month.

Abrams first official flagship site Mediaite, Geekosystem was launched on 25 January 2010 which covers geek culture including development in science, technology and internet memes and internet culture.

Jack Kevorkian which gained Dan a huge amount of fame.

The businessman introducted his new site Geekosystem.com, which covers technology news and analysis, in addition to video games, movies, comics and science-fiction.

According to Techcrunch.com, the site includes a little bit of everything.

His next site named The Mary Sue was launched in 2011.

This site is a sister site to Geekosystem which has a goal to highlight women in the geek world and helping the voices of geek women to be high flying.

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