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Ideally this is an easy step for you, otherwise, you’ll tend to skip it.Try to manage your dependencies in a single place, and that place probably isn’t in the order of your script tags in your HTML. One technique at the build-stage that is ideal for performance, is building minimal packages based on likely use.

They presented on it at 2012: So instead of using a microjs cross-domain communication library that your coworker hacked together, just delay loading Easy XDM until you need to do cross domain form POSTs.This technique will go a much longer way than any of your normal byte saving tricks, but is not always the easiest and for that reason is often avoided.Check your network panel the next time you have Gmail open to see how Google feels about this technique.In our current app, only a fraction of the users click on the button that causes a specific flow to popup.Because of this we can save ~20kb of code at page load time, and instead load it as a mouse gets close to the button, or after a few seconds of inactivity (to prime the cache).

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