Things for dating couples to talk about

It is important for you and your partner to share your feelings about your respected jobs/careers and how you envision moving forward. We are bombarded with messages from so many mediums that prompt us to think about, talk about, and seek out sex.

Again, you can only know so much in advance, but it is a good idea to have a basic understanding of what you and your partner expect from one another. You’d think we’d all be relaxed, open, and comfortable talking about it, but in my experience the opposite is actually true.

Or rather, what if your partner’s job requires this?

OR, what if this doesn’t apply to you at all and you are in a job you dislike or even despise?

It is okay to have a different “money personality” from your partner, and if there is something specific that you worry about in regards to finances, better to bring it up sooner then later. Raising a child with another person is perhaps one of the most fun and challenging adventures a couple will have together.

It’s about learning to slow down, be less reactive, and engage in non-violent communication.

Being in a happy relationship is all about healthy and meanginful communication.

Happy couples open up and have the tough conversations so they can emerge with more strength and understanding. Keeping reading to see how your relationship can go beyond the small talk.

As sexual communication skills improve, so will the quality of your relationship.

I want to emphasize how beneficial it is to understand your own body and how to use it.

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